Seed Commission Panellist Annoucement

Broccoli are excited to announce our three panellists for our Seed Commission.

Kirtis Clarke, Chaz Webb and Arunima Kumar, along with the Broccoli team, will read the applications and lead on the final decision making for our Commissions. While we are delighted that we have been able to announce our panellists, it must be noted that we received 46 applications that were passionate, urgent, and full of talent. These applications made it clear that our industry has a wide breadth of insightful, engaged, and intelligent artists who are keen to be part of the decision making when it comes to funding, programming, and distribution. 

We believe that it is not only important to have arts workers on your panels, in these meetings, and involved in decision making, but that it will vastly improve and widen the way that work is chosen and read. Admin assistants, stage managers, front of house staff, and really, most people who work within an organisation, or are part of your talent development networks, have valuable opinions about what might work on their stages (because of course, the stage is as much theirs as yours). 

Even freelancers who have some connections to producing organisations commented on the lack of transparency at present. Perhaps you have a literary department and your script readers don’t know how their reports feed into programming meetings – is there a way to hold an annual or pre-season insight meeting with them?

Arts venues across the country are closing, furloughing staff and making redundancies, so we appreciate there are other priorities for organisations to consider at this time.. However, once the sector does reopen, an opportunity presents itself to democratise the decision making  process in venues, theatre companies, and arts organisations. We have found inviting applications to be invigorating and it has encouraged us to write this post; these panellists, and the applicants, are only a small percentage of the people who have thoughts to contribute to the landscape of our industry.  


Kirtis Clarke

Kirtis is a south-london born designer with a body of work that often weaves between making, producing, chatting bare and whatever else feels interesting. Based in the Netherlands, he is currently undertaking an MA in Contextual Design at the Design Academy, Eindhoven. His main interests are in how the arts might be used as a vehicle to challenge the status quo, shift our understanding of what the arts can be and amplify underrepresented voices and alternative perspectives. 

Over the past 5 years Kirtis has worked in a variety of contexts helping develop/facilitate new projects, consulting and being a critical friend to artists, collectives and organizations both nationally and internationally. Currently, he makes up one of the core members of Co-Creating Change, a network

 of organizations and individuals set up by Battersea Arts Centre. Previously, during his time at Arnolfini Gallery he helped develop new ways of working through Now or Never, a citywide arts program that took place in schools and colleges across Bristol. In 2018 he was one of 8 UK-based arts practitioners invited to attend The Arts and Social Transformation Summit organized by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes in Argentina, supported by Arts Council England and British Council. 


Chaz Webb

Chaz is a freelance stage and production manager whose main interests lie in immersive and contemporary work, as well as theatre for non-theatre venues. 

Since graduating from the University of Birmingham she has worked with companies such as The Unicorn, Tobacco Factory YTM and New Perspectives. 

She is also Company Stage Manager for Quick Duck, a queer theatre company from the Midlands, and has worked on all three of their original productions which are a murder mystery disco, a letter writing extravaganza and a choose your own adventure spy mission. Based in Bristol, Chaz has been doing a lot of baking and gardening during lockdown.


Arunima Kumar

Arunima Kumar is an award-winning South Asian dancer, teacher, choreographer, art activist and Artistic Director of Britain’s largest Kuchipudi institution with over 150 students across 5 countries. Arunima is known for her versatile performances and choreographic productions and has performed in over 2000 events across 60 countries. 

Arunima engages extensively with communities and in dance therapy in hospitals and prisons, including special projects with Inner vision orchestra, the world’s only blind orchestra, Step change studio dancers on wheelchairs, and Corali dancers with learning disabilities. She is a strong advocate for BAME artists. 

During the pandemic, she has delivered over 150 inclusive online sessions through Project EKATRA – TOGETHER WE CAN, across age groups and with elderly and the vulnerable to keep communities engaged positively with a focus on wellness and Arts and health.

Florets – Open call for pitches

Florets is Broccoli’s newsletter for short stories, essays and beyond.

We began Florets in order to bring a wide variety of LBQ writing to readers’ inboxes; we envision that these might be deep dives into unearthed cultural criticism, short stories, or personal essays that might not easily fit elsewhere. We’ll be publishing 10 editions, which should take us to September. 


We are looking for pieces from UK-based writers which are between 800 and 1 200 words. Each writer will be paid £150 for their newsletter edition. 

We invite you to change forms, experiment with new voices, and address your audience through their email inboxes. If you’ve only ever written dialogue, think about how it might transfer into this new intimate setting, or equally if you enjoy writing fiction, think about how your non-fiction could be a narrative. 

We’re happy to work with you on your pitch, and we’ll help with editing and refining too. To give you an idea of the kind of work we publish, you can read Annie Siddons’ pilot edition here


If you’d like to pitch your idea to us, please email with the subject line: Florets [your name].  

Sign up here to receive Florets in your inbox .

Broccoli is a producing company, helping create work for the page, stage and elsewhere. We have a particular focus on work by/for/about lesbian, bisexual and queer women.


Seed Commission Applications

This is an open call for two seed commissions for UK based artists, writers and makers. 

These commissions will be new pieces of writing or performance that can stand alone, or that might be further developed after the initial period (August – September 2020). The submissions will be decided on by a selection panel that includes the Broccoli team (producers Eve Allin and Salome Wagaine). 

We are able to award £2 500 to the successful seed commissions. Alongside this financial investment, we will invest our time into your work. This might mean providing guidance, mentorship, and/or connections further afield where possible.  

Broccoli focuses on presenting and nurturing work by/for/about lesbian, bisexual and queer women (LBQW)* across stage and page and our commissioning priorities will be in keeping with this focus.

*this is a trans inclusive definition, meaning trans womxn & non-binary femmes would come under this umbrella


Please answer these questions via this Google Form. The deadline is 12pm, Friday 3rd July 2020.

  1. Please give us a brief outline of your proposal for this commission. (100 words or less)
  2. Give us an idea of you as an artist: What is your work like? What excites you? How do you hope to develop in the next few years? (300 words or less)
  3. How would you use the £2 500? Please give a brief outline of your budget. 
  4. Why would you benefit from being commissioned by Broccoli? What support are you looking for alongside the financial investment? (200 words or less)
  5. Tell us a bit more about your project. What stage are you at with it? Why are you excited about making it? (400 words or less)

Please fill out this anonymous Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form alongside your application. This form will not be connected to your Commission application.

Broccoli will get back to all applicants by Friday 31st July.  If you have any further questions, please get in touch –


Frequently asked questions

The commission says it’s for new pieces of writing or performance. What are you interested in? 

Broccoli is interested in producing for the pages, stages and beyond. 

In terms of theatre we have a broad set of interests – the team has worked on new writing, live art, musicals, devised theatre, dance and choreography. We’re interested in performance makers of all kinds, including comedians. Applications can come from practitioners who sit outside of the writer/director format: you might want to make site specific/responsive work, be a designer with a project or have an interdisciplinary practice. The main thing is that your idea has an eventual audience. 

With regards to writing, Broccoli has an interest in narrative nonfiction, short stories and poetry. 

In terms of ‘new,’ we want to support work that hasn’t had cash support from another producer or organisation so far. In kind support, such as free rehearsal space from a venue, is fine. We want to support people who likely won’t be able to draw on institutional networks to realise their artistic ideas in the next year or so. 


How detailed does my budget have to be? 

For this stage of development, and given the reduced funding sources open at present, we expect the seed commission of £2500 to be the sole source of income. 

We don’t need an extensive budget, but your list of expenditure should include fees for yourself and your team (such as directors, mentors, dramaturgs or performers), as well as any potential resources to make your project feasible, such as props or equipment. 

Broccoli will be able to provide web conferencing support as part of the commission, so you don’t need to factor that in. 

As we anticipate social distancing will be in force for quite a few months yet, the seed commission will culminate in an online sharing (‘Laptop Read’) rather than anything in person. 


What producing support will Broccoli provide? 

At the start of the commissioning period, we will meet with you and your team to understand your idea and where you would like it to go. We will check in with you throughout the commission (August – September 2020) as well as have a debrief evaluation meeting at the end. 

In terms of producing support, we will be able to facilitate call-outs for creative team members and, where appropriate, set up introductions with potential collaborators. 


Who will be reading my application? What criteria will it be assessed on?

The selection panel will consist of the Broccoli team (Eve Allin and Salome Wagaine) and three panellists (to be announced).

The priorities for this commissioning opportunity are:

  • New ideas from artists who have limited access to financial support from arts organisations;
  • Championing work by, for and about lesbian, bisexual and queer women, whose narratives are underrepresented on stage and elsewhere;
  • Ensuring a representation of a variety of artistic disciplines, approaches and backgrounds across the three Seed Commissions. 


Will I receive feedback on my application?

Depending on the number of submissions, we will aim to provide written feedback for shortlisted applications. 

We will also write a blogpost after we have selected the commissions, taking in the experiences of the panellists, to provide greater transparency and insight on the selection process.

Funding announcement and programme plans

Last week, Broccoli heard back from Arts Council England; we have been granted public funds from the National Lottery to make a programme of work over the coming months. While we are incredibly excited to involve you in the work we will be making, we are very aware that it is a strange time to be in receipt of funding that some of our colleagues and friends have not had a chance to access. 

Broccoli focuses on presenting and nurturing work by/for/about lesbian, bisexual and queer women (LBQW) across stage and page. We are looking forward to continuing our work while finding new ways to share it. 



Our upcoming programme consists of five different strands, including opportunities for speakers, writers, drawers and beyond which will take place between now and October 2020. Here’s a brief introduction to each strand:


Seed commissions

3 seed commissions, each £2 500, two of which will be selected through an open call. 

We will be publishing an open call for two seed commissions. These will be new pieces of writing or performance that can stand alone, or that might be further developed later. The submissions will be decided on by a selection panel that includes the Broccoli team. We hope that these commissions feel like a meaningful investment in your work.

The third commission will be with Broccoli associate artist and playwright Eleanor Tindall (Before I Was A Bear) in a new collaboration with director Rafaella Marcus: let me tell you why i was buried in the stars explores capitalism, the internet, human commodification & resistance, and how all of this affects relationships between womxn. 


Join the selection panel

You might be interested in understanding the process behind selecting work through an open call: wondered how the decisions were made and felt you had something to contribute to those conversations and deliberations.

To broaden the perspectives of the people making the decision, we are inviting three panellists to help us select the work. Each panellist will be paid £400 to read applications and take part in the selection meeting. 


Florets – the newsletter from Broccoli

During the coming months, we will be commissioning ten new pieces of writing for our newsletter, Florets. We’re looking for short stories, essays and beyond that will capture our readership’s interest through their inboxes. 

Our first edition, a republishing of a short story by Annie Siddons we commissioned last year, will go out on Florets on Thursday, 28th May (which, incidentally, is our first birthday!). 

Sign up here.



In order to shine a light on the variety of creative practice within performance, we will host monthly talks by makers (with a particular focus on non-writers: designers, dramaturgs, directors, facilitators, organisers) in conversation with one another and explore how their practice can sit outside the theatre studio during these times. 


Colouring Project

We will be compiling an anthology of line drawings of set/production design from stage and screen, ready for you to colour in at home, providing a celebration of the artistic excellence and visuals we’re missing while we can’t be at the theatre.

All contributors for our Colouring Project, Talks strand and newsletter will be paid a £150 fee for their work. Details of how to express your interest or pitch will be coming soon.


Exceptional Promise

The gameshow about housing and the aim to find a place to call home, Exceptional Promise is returning for a one-off online special after its first outing at the Bush Theatre June 2019.

Bisola Alabi, Emily Aboud and Salome Wagaine will be collaborating once more on a refreshed version of their Project 2036 work, with a format fit for online quiz enthusiasts. 


Get in touch!

The prospect of being able to commission artists, writers, makers and designers, and to be able work with new people is both exciting and daunting even during regular times. We want our processes and approach to work for as many people as possible.  

So if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for how our programme will work, we’d love to hear from you. 


If you are an organisation that works with artists and/or writers, please email us so we can send you more details of our programme, including deadlines and key dates, for you to distribute to your networks.

You can find us on